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What Happens to PVC in the Sun?

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What Happens to PVC in the Sun?

The effect of sunlight exposure on PVC pipes is a common question. The sun emits visible and non-visible radiation. Ultraviolet light is a form of non-visible radiation. Like many other substances, the pipes are affected by UV light. The light affects molecules in the pipes and results in discoloration.

This does not happen where a pipe is not exposed to sunlight. Usually, the discoloration stops when PVC pipes are kept away from direct sunlight. The process is time-dependent and can be slowed by using UV absorbers. The most common additive used to achieve this objective is known as titanium dioxide.

According to some studies, the only feature of PVC pipes that is adversely affected due to sunlight exposure is impact resistance, which is the ability to withstand violent contact. Continued exposure to sunlight will not affect the pressure capacity of a PVC pipe or its stiffness.

Some of the factors that affect the extent to which impact strength is affected when exposed to sunlight include the time of exposure, the climate, a pipe’s width, wall thickness, and PVC materials used. If the pipe’s wall is thick, the impact becomes less noticeable.

Pipes with thin walls should be handled with care to avoid breakage. After installation, there will be no effect on a pipe's pressure or external load capacity. 

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