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The Degree of Intermeshing in Twin-screw Extruders

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The degree of intermeshing in twin-screw extruders can be defined into three broad categories: separated, tangential or intermeshing. The intermeshing can further be sub-divided into partially intermeshing and fully intermeshing.

There are different variations of extruder screws and all depend on the kind of polymer being processed. Based on the type of application, the screws can be divided into four main categories (Fig. 10.10): (a) constant-pitch screws, (b) tapered screws, (c) variable pitch screws and (d) stepped-pitch screws. These screws can be further sub-divided into two types: constant depth and variable depth.

Twin Screw

Figure 10.10. Schematics of the construction of twin-screw extruders: (a) Mapre, (b) Pasquetti, (c) Colombo and (d) conical screw with converging axes

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