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PVC Application & PVC Granulation Line

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PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride but must time abbreviated as PVC. It is a solid polymer that is artificially engineered, and it is plastic that is widely used by all.

Also, PVC, which is usually made using the PVC granulating line is made through a chemical synthesis reaction which helps the PVC to be produced into other product forms which are used for many applications.

Furthermore, PVC has many functions, it can be made flexible at sometimes and also rigid at another time, and it comes clear or colored and also comes in different shapes and sizes. Also, there are at least seven major application areas where PVC is used.

However, for the best PVC production experience, purchasing PVC granulating line from a reliable and renowned manufacturer is the best way to invest in a machine that will stand the test of time.

PVC Granulation line

Major Areas of PVC Applications and Uses

1. Water plumbing and pipes

PVC is majorly applied in this area. The use of PVC for water plumbing and pipes was one of the major ways that brought PVC to modern society. It was widely known for its use in handling water.

Also, PVC resin is extrusion formed into several diameter and length pipes by PVC granulating line, which are used to pass water supplies to equipment, buildings, and facilities.

2. Waste handling and control

This is the second area in which PVC are used, PVC which is produced by PVC granulating line is used in handling and controlling waste materials, it is used for waste in the homes, commercial building, and used for industrial plant waste.

PVC which is in form of pipes are used in a sewer, wastewater carrier and within drains joined with equipment.

Toilets, sink, and liquid handling makes use of drains. PVC granulating line produces PVC that is resistance to rust and microbiological film growth.

3. Chemical handling, delivery, process, or transfer

PVC granulating line produces PVC that is used to handle some chemicals which metal material cannot handle. This includes hydrogen-based acids, and hydrochloric acid.

PVC pipe and equipment have chlorine and this prevents it from chemical attack degradation and fire, the material has high resistance.

4. Building structural material

PVC is used as building structural material for many years now, it has low cost but yet it is effective.

It is used in place of wood and other building material. It is used to make siding around houses and frames around doors and windows.

Also, using PVC in building enhances building insulation, and raise it resistance against hot and cold temperature.

5. Coatings and cable insulation

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used for coating and as insulating sleeves for electrical cables, wires, and components. It can be used for it because it has thermal and electrical resistance.

6. Healthcare items

PVC plays an important role in the health care industries and this is a result of its resistance corrosion and non-toxic nature. It is used to make transparent bags, tubing which is used to store and deliver blood to patients.  

7. PVC molded products

PVC can be manipulated into different things; it can be used to make many PVC molded products.

PVC which is made by PVC granulating line is thermoplastic and with this can heat into a molten state. In this state, it can be manipulated and make into several shapes, sizes, and colors.

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